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Longfellow Elementary School
Welcome to Longfellow Elementary!

Find our map, contact information, and office and school hours.

Our School

Performance of Coco at Longfellow Dual Language Elementary School
Longfellow Dual Language Magnet

Longfellow EMCS is the first Elementary School in APS, established in 1893, in Martineztown.  We are a Dual Language, Fine Arts focused (Drama), Magnet, Community School.

student reading
Library Resources

Our library provides you with various programs and resources.


child playing in snow
Weather-Related Delays and Asynchronous Learning

APS has moved to asynchronous learning on days schools are closed due to inclement weather. 

About Asynchronous Learning Days




Proud to be a community school
A Community School

A thriving hub built by and for educators, families, students, and communities, so that all:

  • are equal members of the school community
  • students excel in school and life
  • have lives filled with meaningful opportunities

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